Answering Common Questions Before You Get Dental Braces For Your Kid

Answering Common Questions Before You Get Dental Braces For Your Kid


What is orthodontic care?

Orthodontic care is the correct alignment process of the misaligned teeth, using orthodontic tools as necessary. The process is called teeth straightening, and dental braces are the orthodontic tools for it.

Dental braces for children include brackets, wires, and rubber bands. These usually pose no risk of injury. Over time, the wire is twisted to put tension on the teeth to match. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, an orthodontic operation can last anywhere from 3 months to a few years.

Is teeth straightening important?

Misaligned teeth are likely to ruin the kid’s smile appearance. In addition, there are oral health problems which are also related to it. There are places in the teeth with crowding and overlapping that can not be reached by the toothbrush or floss your child has. That lays the groundwork for potential tooth decay.

Straightening or alignment of teeth helps to get rid of these crowding and overlapping, creating a perfect set of teeth. This not only enhances your kid’s smile aesthetics but also prevents future oral diseases. Besides, it also helps with proper chewing and swallowing, and enhances speech.

Are there alternatives to dental braces?

There is a growing trend among children toward transparent teeth aligners. These are barely noticeable plastic trays, which work exactly like dental braces, except because they are not as strong! Such teeth aligners are ideal for slight misalignment but it is not advised by orthodontists to treat serious malocclusion.

Even, invisible teeth aligners are costlier than dental braces and need to be replaced regularly.

What are the types of dental braces?

Although they all look the same, there are around 10 styles of dental braces, each differing in size and other characteristics. Based on your child’s dental condition, your orthodontist will probably consult with you before suggesting one form for your child. Other types include porcelain and mini dental braces.

The orthodontic treatment is associated with a considerable amount of dietary restrictions. To generalize, orthodontists are advising that children do not have popcorn, rough and sticky foods when seeking orthodontic treatment. Burgers, chocolates, salads, and poultry are just a few of the diet restrictions.

Are there diet restrictions?

Candies, chips and soda consumption’s are to be cut down. Sugary and starchy foods produce plaque acid, which can cause decay in the tooth and encourage gum disease. Sticky, chewy sweets such as chocolate, fudge and toffee may also cause damage to the wire and loosen brackets.

Having answered the most important questions, what remains is to find an ideal orthodontist for your child, which is the easier part. Simply click here to get the best teeth straightening dentist for your child in Jacksonville FL.