Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

The purpose of a root canal, or endodontic therapy, is to remove damaged or infected tissue within the center of a tooth. Doing this will not only eliminate pain associated with the infection, but it will also allow the tooth to be saved.

The most telling sign that a root canal may be needed is a spontaneous, unprovoked lingering toothache. At times, no pain may be present; however, swelling, tooth discoloration, pain upon biting, or prolonged sensitivity are symptoms that a root canal may be necessary.

What happens during endodontic therapy?

Dr. Rios and our team at Baymeadows Park Dental are able to complete most root canals in one visit, and most cases take only an hour from start to finish.

Before your root canal appointment, we may recommend that you receive an antibiotic a few days prior. This significantly reduces swelling around the tooth and assures the most profound anesthetic penetration.

During your root canal at our Jacksonville, FL dental office, Dr. Rios will numb your tooth with anesthetic. He will then remove the affected part of the tooth. All canals of the root are located, disinfected, shaped, measured, dried, and filled with a sealer and inert material called Gutta Percha. Since the tooth will become much weaker after the nerve and blood supply have been removed, we recommend a crown be placed for all posterior and in anterior teeth with major decay. As long as you continue to care for your teeth and gums with regular brushing, flossing, and checkups at our Jacksonville dental office, your restored tooth can last a lifetime.

Dental Check​​​​-Up & Exams

We look forward to helping you improve the appearance of your smile and oral health at its optimal levels.

Why choose Baymeadows Park Dental for your root canal?

Our goal is to provide safe, comfortable, and efficient root canal therapy. We accomplish this by using advanced technology, optic magnification, and digital imaging for the best possible diagnosis and outcome.

Dr. Rios has extensive experience in root canal therapy and has completed more than 2,000 cases with a 98% success rate. For cases that display the presence of calcified roots, severe curvature, or fracture, we may recommend a consultation with our preferred endodontic specialist.


Had a cap prep done. In on time, out on time. Good explanation of process beforehand and during. Dr. Rios and his assistants are a great team!

John P.

Dr. Rios and his staff do a tremendous job of their care and treatment of patients! Very professional and friendly. If you are looking for a reliable dentist and a dedicated staff team, this is the place!

Rahul S.

They have taken wonderful care of me for many years!! I recently referred my husband for some extensive dental work and they took wonderful care of him!!! I will continue to refer people to Dr. Rios and his team at Baymeadows Park Dental!

Julie F.

After four years of searching I finally found a dentist who is so much like the one I left in Lake Placid, Fl. Dr Rios is kind, personable, efficient and his staff reflects that attitude. Yes I'd recommend him to family. friends and someone who is looking for a really good dentist.

Gordean H.

Amazing dental work! 100% recommended. Very professional and friendly people (Dentist and Hygienists) My husband and I drive from Gainesville twice a year and it is totally worth it!.

Erick P.

I've been going here for a year now and am completely satisfied. Very little wait, pleasant staff, a great doctor, and best of all my teeth look better than they ever have. Sometimes you get lucky with doctors and this is a great example of this.

John T.

Friendly oriented, excellent treatment, comfortable environment. Procedures done with a touch of class. I was very happy to feel my procedure was perfectly done I now feel comfortable to the taste. Thank you All!

Sonia R.

Dr Rios and his staff are very professional and friendly. My family has been going to Cypress Point Family dentistry for years now and we always recommend them to friends. They are very good at taking the time to explain any additional procedures and to provide cost estimates based on our insurance.

Kaley B.

Love that they are waiting when I arrive and greet me by name. Hygienists are awesome! I love dawn but all the ladies are great! Dr Rios is kind and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!

Marissa K.

Everyone here is always pleasant and efficient in getting me in and out for my appointments. Dawn cleans my teeth with care and is very thorough with my cleanings. Dr. Rios is always quick to get in and look at my teeth after my cleaning is finished so that I can get on with my day without too much downtime. I never feel pressured by their recommendations and never feel like they're trying to sell me products or services I don't really need. Great place with great people, definitely recommend!

Jess T.

I had a super friendly experience attending a cleaning visit here. The Dr. and his assistant used a sound combination of technology and expertise to thoroughly go through my mouth. The pictures were scary, but the advice was priceless. I wish I had visited this office earlier.

R. Thatcher

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