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The Invisalign® Treatment Process

December 20, 2017
Invisalign is gaining traction as a sought-after solution for orthodontic problems. Unlike traditional braces, which require the placement of brackets on teeth and the connection of unsightly wires, Invisalign works nearly invisibly (as its name suggests). Particularly for those who do not wish to draw attention to their orthodontic work, Invisalign provides an attractive solution. … Continue reading "The Invisalign® Treatment Process"

What exactly is tinnitus?

December 13, 2017
It’s estimated that about one in every five people is affected by tinnitus, which is a ringing or noise in the ears. But tinnitus isn’t a condition in itself; it’s actually the symptom of an underlying condition. Some of these underlying conditions could be hearing loss, injury to the ear, or some sort of circulatory … Continue reading "What exactly is tinnitus?"

Natural Ways to Soothe a Toothache

December 6, 2017
Toothaches can come in many different forms, but no matter which, they’re always uncomfortable. Dr. Franklin Rios and our team want you to know there are simple ways to cure this common problem. Toothaches can be caused by infections, gum diseases, teeth grinding, trauma, or having an abnormal bite. Several symptoms may become noticeable when … Continue reading "Natural Ways to Soothe a Toothache"

Thanks to Invisalign®, you can have a perfect smile without metal wires or brackets!

November 29, 2017
When it comes to straightening your smile, our team at Baymeadows Park Dental knows that having a mouth full of metal braces may not be your idea of fun. Luckily for you, Dr. Franklin Rios can offer a cosmetic alternative: Invisalign! Using a series of clear, comfortable, and completely customized aligners, you can get the … Continue reading "Thanks to Invisalign®, you can have a perfect smile without metal wires or brackets!"


November 22, 2017
At Baymeadows Park Dental, we love to celebrate the holidays with vigor! Dr. Franklin Rios would love to share some unique ways of celebrating Thanksgiving from beyond the Jacksonville area to the national level! When Americans sit down to dinner on the last Thursday of November, the day that Abraham Lincoln designated as the day … Continue reading "Thanksgiving"

Dental Implants at Baymeadows Park Dental

November 20, 2017
One of the services we proudly offer at our office is dental implant placement and restoration.   A dental implant is simply  a replacement for a missing tooth root. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or they can serve as support for replacing a full arch.  Dental implants also serve as a means to … Continue reading "Dental Implants at Baymeadows Park Dental"
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