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Dental Implants at Baymeadows Park Dental

November 20, 2017
One of the services we proudly offer at our office is dental implant placement and restoration.   A dental implant is simply  a replacement for a missing tooth root. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or they can serve as support for replacing a full arch.  Dental implants also serve as a means to … Continue reading "Dental Implants at Baymeadows Park Dental"

Is Your Broken Tooth An Emergency?

November 15, 2017
When you chip a tooth badly, it can be a very nerve-wracking situation. Dr. Franklin Rios and our team want to provide you with some information that can help if you ever suffer a chipped or broken tooth. The most common ways people break their teeth are by biting down on something hard, getting hit … Continue reading "Is Your Broken Tooth An Emergency?"

Treatment Options for TMD

November 8, 2017
Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) refers to a diverse range of disorders that relate to muscular function in the jaw and face — the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). That could mean difficulty opening your mouth, pain in the jaw or face, or any sort of problem with the jaw joint. TMD can be difficult to diagnose because of … Continue reading "Treatment Options for TMD"

Cosmetic Dentistry at Cypress Point

November 1, 2017
At Cypress Point Dentistry, we believe that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. It’s our goal to help our patients achieve and maintain optimum oral health, and consequently, the smile they’ve always dreamed of. We offer a full range of cosmetic dental services and are able to treat crooked teeth, chipped teeth, worn teeth, … Continue reading "Cosmetic Dentistry at Cypress Point"

November Marks National Diabetes Awareness Month

November 1, 2017
Diabetes is a chronic disease that increases the risk for many serious health problems, including severe gum disease. November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and it’s a great time for us at Baymeadows Park Dental to remind our patients that the way you care for your teeth at home doesn’t just affect your oral health; keeping … Continue reading "November Marks National Diabetes Awareness Month"

The Intriguing History of Halloween

October 25, 2017
Halloween is fast approaching, and Dr. Franklin Rios wanted to be sure to wish our patients a happy day, no matter how you might celebrate this holiday. The Halloween that is familiar to most people today bears little resemblance to the original Halloween; back in the “old days” it wasn’t even called Halloween! Festival of … Continue reading "The Intriguing History of Halloween"
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